Global standards for online alcohol sales and delivery

Raising standards in alcohol e-commerce to prevent sale to those underage and drinking harmfully

IARD’s 12 member companies, the world’s leading beer, wine, and spirits producers, formed a global partnership with 14 prominent global and regional online retailers, and e-commerce and delivery platforms to launch global standards for the online sale and delivery of alcohol. Together they identified five key safeguards to help ensure that robust standards are in place throughout the entire supply chain and customer journey to prevent online sale to those underage and to combat harmful drinking as e-commerce growth accelerates. 

This international initiative is part of IARD members’ wider efforts to combat underage drinking by preventing sales to minors, and to reduce harmful drinking – it also speaks directly to the United Nations’ 2018 Political declaration on non-communicable diseases, which calls for concrete steps towards eliminating the marketing, advertising, and sale of alcohol products to minors.